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We provide Accounting and Bookkeeping services for those who do not have the time to do it themselves.

We use QuickBooks® to perform general record duties. We will help your business to keep track of accounts and verify the accuracy of procedures used for recording financial transactions.

We provide services on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or another basis as is appropriate for our client; to maintain the commercial transactions throughout the year so that the accountant (if you want to send the information to other professionals) will have complete and accurate information at year-end. We save you the time and money to support your accountant or bookkeeping staff more time than necessary.

Our Accounting services generally include:

  1. Small Business Accounting and Basic Bookkeeping: This includes all Income and Expenses entry, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Banks and Credit Cards account reconciliations, Generate reports such as: Income Statement and Balance Sheet. We provide these services weekly, biweekly or monthly according each client’s individual needs.
  2. Year-End Accountant Preparation: This service is provided for individuals or small businesses that do not require continuous accounting support. Clients are asked questions to identify business and tax deductions after providing receipts, bank statements and other materials for entry into QuickBooks®. Then we create a QuickBooks®s file of summarized data for use by their accountant.
  3. Employee, Sales, and Use Taxes: We will provide monthly, quarterly or year-end filing as well as track collections and withholding.
  4. Subcontractor Issues: We will assist in correctly identifying subcontractors vs. employees.  We will also help to create and maintain an appropriate paper trail, including 1099’s, certificates of insurance and other documentation.
  5. Accounts Receivable Processing:  (A/R) is simply the process of invoicing customers for services or products. We can assist your company with making the same amount of invoices to the same customers each month, as well as with different amounts of invoices each month. With your QuickBooks file, we can customize invoices, statements, and estimates
  6.  Accounts Payable and Budgeting Services: Accounts Payable, also known as A/P, is the process of keeping track of whom your company owes.  We will help you manage you are A/P and get your bills under control.  Through data analysis, we can create a budget, identify spending trends that are of concern, and even make a schedule for when your bills need to be paid.

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Remote Bookkeeping

Some business would like to keep their records in house. However, they also need an outsourced professional to register the transactions in your books, and obtain, in a timely manner, complete and accurate  financial information. This is the reason why we provide our remote and online bookkeeping services.

We will help you to set up the system and we will train you about standard procedures to be followed routinely for the performance of accounting operations.

We securely connect to your computer via the Internet and works on your computer

How it works:

  • Using secure connection to your computer via Internet we will work on your computer
  • The documents can be sent by fax, cloud or by email, we let you know what we need.
  • Our personnel will log in your computer and will work with the records and the information.
  • You always will know when we will connect.

Remote service requires initial computer setup for remote access. We can assist you if you need help.

The information “in situ” is very important to some business, and if you know how to do some tasks, we will complete your financial records on time.

Our remote bookkeeping services are the solution; you will keep valuable information in your computer in present time.

We work with QuickBooks™ Software desktop or Online version

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